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#27 Service Innovation in the Workplace - How Does It Emerge?

Bettina Kriegl, Herbert Woratschek & Andrea Raab

#24 Sporting Activities – the Core of Sport Management

Jan Schönberner & Herbert Woratschek

#23 Platform Business Models in the Logic of Value Co- Creation

Julia Fehrer, Franziska Kullak & Herbert Woratschek

#17 Engaging with Sports or Engaging in Doing Sports

Markus Buser, Herbert Woratschek, and Victoria Himmel

#16 How Should Sponsors Decide about Sponsorships?

Jan Schönberner & Herbert Woratschek

#11 Service Quality-Value Framework 

Herbert Woratschek, Chris Horbel, Bastian Popp & Tim Ströbel

#09 Sponsors’ Buying Center - Sponsorship Decisions in the Logic of Value Co-Creation

Herbert Woratschek,  Jan Schönberner, and Markus Buser

#07 What Do Sponsors Gain? – Sport Sponsorship Objectives

Jan Schönberner & Herbert Woratschek

#06 Sponsorship Decisions – Are Managers Honest with Shareholders?

Jan Schönberner, Herbert Woratschek & Guido Ellert

#05 The Logic of Sport Products in Sport Sponsorship

Herbert Woratschek & Lars Griebel

#04 Value of Competitive Balance in Sport Management

Herbert Woratschek & Lars Griebel

#02 Special Features of the Product in Sport Economics

Herbert Woratschek & Lars Griebel

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