The business world is fast and complex. Disruption is everywhere. Digital transformation is changing industries. New opportunities arise. Threats need attention. Professionals of any industry engage to make a difference - every day.


Insights and expertise are key success factors for business experts. Our mission is to co-create value by sharing insights and expertise. We engage professionals in four areas to make a difference in business and society:

We analyze big data for different industries with a focus on international sport business. Our nucleus is the valuation of communication platforms (e.g. sponsoring platforms). Partners benefit from these data driven insights because we enable value based decisions e.g. in sport sponsoring. 

We share our knowledge from science and business to enable problem solutions. Our expertise is especially useful in the areas of service, sport, and tourism management. Partners benefit from our engagements because we identify opportunities for additional value creation together.

We organize and run professional education study programs in cooperation with universities and corporations. Partners benefit from this cooperation because of our professional education expertise and capacity savings. Participants advance their professional careers and built networks. 

We share latest research and business findings from the areas of sport management, services management, sport marketing, and services marketing. Authors and recipients benefit from these publications because of our quality assessments (reviews) and business relevance checks.