We want to enable organizations to understand the opportunities of management and the responsibilities of leadership. But how can we achieve this?  We worked for a while on this question and came a long way from traditional consulting to education. We found out that we can be more successful if we provide an environment for personal development and growth.


At the moment, we focus our activities to support corporations and educational institutions to set up and run executive programs. We have the following three core competences for this offer: 


#1 We create markets for knowledge.

Most knowledge worker are convinced of their competences and want to convince others of the importance of their specific knowledge. The problem is that the other side does not see the relevance of this knowledge, often because they do not know that it exists. We analyze relevance, requirements and approaches to connect both parties successfully.


#2 If we organize it, we do not cancel the event.

If you are experienced in attending or organizing education programs such as an MBA, you know how annoying it is for participants and organizations if e.g. the tutor cannot show up and you need new appointments. This never happened to one of the events we organized, because we take care and have high quality alternatives in mind from sketch. We value tutors and participants equally. 


#3 We know the people who can enable development.

You need to know the right person to challenge professionals. Usually, this is not the top ranked and hyped speaker who spreads insights for free on the web to sell books and keynotes. We built a specific global network of real life experts over the last decades. The setup was hard work and expensive but unavoidable for excellence. You can challenge us!

If you are interested in convincing references, please contact us or take a look at the following references: