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SMAB Analytics supports value based decisions. The new and certified Sport Platform Pilot offers benefit for sponsoring agencies, platform suppliers and sponsors.

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Sport Platform Pilot (SPP)

"SPP is a research based KPI system to manage future success of sport sponsoring engagements. SPP insights are relevant critical success factors for sponsors and sponsoring platforms. The SPP logic is based on well accepted scientific insights."


Prof. Dr. H.Woratschek,

University of Bayreuth

SPP Launch

SPP Insights are available as of July 2017 for Germany, Great Britain, China, and Brasil. Clients can order SPP platform KPIs for the 1st devision football in total and by team for each of these countries. 

About SPP

SPP is a data driven approach to evaluate sponsoring platforms. It enables value based decisions in international sport sponsoring.

Forecasts add sense to current sport platform values.

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If necessary, we can run individual analyzes to offer customized insights for value based sponsoring deals.

Your direct access to SPP insights


Dr. Guido Schafmeister

SPP Senior Business Director


phone: +49 151 7303 0104


skype: guido_schafmeister

Professor Dr. Guido Ellert

SPP Senior Research Director


phone: +49 170 570 4722


skype: guido.ellert