SMAB was founded in 2006 to support professionals and organizations to make a difference. From the very beginning, we understood SMAB as an enabler. We help to understand the opportunities of management and the responsibilities of leadership. We are successful if organizations come up with better ideas and decisions and if individuals find inspiration and courage for development and change. 

Dr. Guido Schafmeister 

Founder and Managing Partner


Guido is always interested in value creation. Financials are a consequence of value creation for him and that is why is focussing on real value and values. 


He is an expert in explaining complex methods and approaches as easy as possible. 


phone: +49 151 730 30 104

Dipl.-Kfm. Stefan Tselegidis 

Head of Network Management


Stefan is always interested in opportunities for personal development. Challenges are great chances for him to find a new way of working or living. 


He is an expert in enabling ideas for personal development in different working conditions.


phone: +49 160 9111 0751

Prof. Dr. Herbert Woratschek

Founder & Partner


Herbert is always interested in the challenges of service and sport management. His out of the box research is leading to new management insights.


He is an expert in analyzing management challenges to make the right decisions. 


phone: +49 151 6496 3722